Bing Blocked My Website:

Bing blocked my website

Bing blocked my website The Bing team did not give me a specific reason for the block. Now the Bing team is ghosting me.

After months of research, I have not found any reason for Bing to keep the website blocked.

Using their own webmaster tools, every page of the site was tested with,  

“No SEO issues found.”

Also, when using the Bing site scan tool, there are no errors or warnings.

And none of the images on the site have been flagged.

FYI: I own the rights to the image of the earth in space as seen at the top of this page.

What could possibly be wrong with this website?

If the supposed problem is that the site does not have enough backlinks, then Bing is contributing to the problem by limiting readers who might choose to include backlinks on social media.

The Bing Team Is Ghosting Me:

Bing Webmaster Tools
Sun 7/3/2022
Thank you for contacting Bing Webmaster Support Team.
This email is confirmation that we have received your request for and created the following Request REQ00032246. Your ticket is being assigned to a Global Support Webmaster Engineer who will be contacting you about the next steps to resolve your issue. We will get back to you in 10 days.

Take care and stay safe!


Microsoft Bing

Microsoft claims a Global Support Webmaster Engineer will be contacting me, but they never do.

If anybody at Microsoft Bing is listening, contact me & work with me to resolve this issue.

Rich Kelsey

More to Come