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Ex-Mormon Comments:

“I really enjoyed your writing, it was very good. Clearly, for a ‘never-mo’, you have a good grasp of Mormon claims and the real history. Your articles are very absorbing, well researched and well written.” — Jim Whitefield, Ex-Mormon & author of the Mormon Delusion Book Series

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Book of Mormon Problems — Rich Kelsey:

“Rich’s essay on the historicity and problems of the Book of Mormon is very well researched, written, and rich with detail. He lays out the problems with Mormon Epistemology and the claims of the text with a clarity that is hard to dispute.” — Bob (Bob’s video on YouTube entitled “I Believe What?” which reviews Andrew Rannell’s performance of “I Believe”)

“I read your article. Great layout, easy reading, rich and documented well. Thanks; I’m always glad to get the truth out there and hoping that I may be planting a seed. I’ve never visited your site before the other day. I think you have information in a great format with easy reading style to present to investigators with open minds. It’s hard sometimes to follow some events in the Mormon Church without convolution. Your work is convincing.” — Dan

Joseph Smith on Trial — Rich Kelsey:

“This is by far the best writing I’ve seen from you yet! As far as content, you do a great job of setting this up as a trial, using argumentation, evidence, etc. to back up your points. It is definitely easy to read and understand! Fabulous writing, Rich!” — Katie

“Hi Rich, Thanks for the link to your latest…  Very nicely written!” — Richard Packham, Ex-Mormon & retired attorney; his video on “Why I Left the Mormon Church

The Golden Plates of Joseph Smith — Rich Kelsey:

“Hey Rich, thanks for the link to your latest work. Again well thought out and presented in an easy to digest format. Lots of rock solid facts and all well documented. You have a richly wonderful in depth understanding of the deceptions laid out by Joseph Smith for someone who was never in the religion. You still bring out many interesting points that I’ve never considered after being exposed to the church for over 50 years. It still fascinates me and I never tire of reading the different views, comments and close examination from scholars who expose the inconsistencies and omissions found in the Mormon church’s version of its own history. Thanks again Rich, well done” — Daniel H., Ex-Mormon

“Rich Kelsey’s article on Joseph Smith’s ‘gold plates’ is thoroughly researched, systematically analysed and logically presented. The historical position existing at the time of Smith is accurately depicted as Kelsey takes us on a ‘journey to 19th century America, to experience the Mindset and lifestyle of Joseph Smith and his colleagues’ giving us a clear insight into the mystical environment in which Smith was born and raised. The true background of Smith’s early life is firmly established, laying the foundation of the origin of his hoax ‘gold plates’ which he pretended to translate, from which he hoped to make money by selling the resulting book. It was an almost inevitable and natural extension of his earlier confidence tricks. Kelsey’s analysis of the facts leads to only one possible conclusion; God would never have been involved with such nonsense. What the Mormon Church now presents as the case leaves out almost all of the historical narrative that Kelsey here presents and instead portrays an almost entirely fictional perspective. Kelsey asks all the right questions and provides the answers – and the evidence.” — Jim Whitefield, Ex-Mormon & Author of the Mormon Delusion Book Series

“Rich, you have presented a genuinely fresh perspective on these events, by connecting them in ways that I believe are original. ‘The Golden Plates of Joseph Smith’ is exciting to read, because your frankly brilliant linkages from what Joseph said and did at various times, as well as what was reported by and about him, allowed me to witness the peeling of the many layers of falsehood covering the avarice at the heart of Mormonism’s drab origin.” — Abinadi, Ex-Mormon Forums moderator

“A couple of things stand out. It’s very interesting information, and quite honestly I’m not inclined to deny any of it. I have read books on treasure (including Utah’s Gold Rush and history) and it’s a common theme, although fantastic, that certain treasure seems cursed in the sense that we really can’t find it or once found, get our hands on it. I’m not sure why, exactly, but it happens. Not that I’m justifying Joseph’s responses, I’m just mentioning what I’ve found. I appreciate your research, which is very good. I have no reason to doubt any of it.” — David, active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Book of Moses Anachronisms — Rich Kelsey:

“Rich, You are so right to support claims with references from neutral or pro LDS sites. When I first started learning, I was of the mindset that people opposed to the LDS church were out to fool members with lies and tricks and false facts and flattering words. That’s why I got my own copy of the History of the Church and Mormon Doctrine. That’s why I searched out copies of Journal of Discourse and Lectures on Faith. Some good souls are willing to document and share the truth. Some former LDS are willing to share why they left. Most of those are manic about being factual. Some few are a bit loose with the truth. What I ended up with was an emotional argument going up against a factual response. It was a Heart vs. Head sort of thing. It’s embarrassing how long I (math major, programmer, science guy, practical to a p, etc) took to trust the facts I was finding. In the end though, armed with new facts and thoughts my emotions and feelings changed about the church. What once was love became indignation and anger over betrayal. So Rich, that’s a long way of saying that I appreciate you and people like you who do care so much to provide facts and solid references. Thanks brother.” — Peter, Ex-Mormon

Joseph Smith Stone In Hat Routine — Rich Kelsey:

“Thanks. Good read. This is all so infuriating. My father was BIC to convert, emigrant parents. He was 91 when he died, before the Gospel Topics Essays were released. He was a humble, faithful tithe-payer his whole life. My mother converted at 17 and was also faithful all of her life. Our large Mormon family was poor. They knew none of this information. “Milk before Meat” my ass! TSCC knew the origin stories are not credible. They lied and continue to betray the trust of vulnerable populations. So despicable!” — Imalreadygone21 (Ex-Mormon Reddit)

Comments on the LDS (Mormon Section):

“Rich’s articles are such a wonderful read, he has done very thorough and impressive research on the LDS church, and its history. It is refreshing to read something that isn’t just angry bitter words which is what most non-Mormon articles seem to be. His article’s present the facts with sound logic behind his statements. As an ex-Mormon, I find myself enjoying his writings, I think it is because his articles come off as a relaxed conversation instead of somebody ranting about the LDS church; it’s a new perspective.” — Jodi, Ex-Mormon


“Hi, just wanted to add my thoughts to Jodi’s. I am a Mormon who has been on a journey for 10 years exploring my faith. In it I have come across a lot of information that raises some big questions on how I understood Mormon theology and history. A lot of people would have left their faith by now and I have chosen to be very deliberative and cautious in my journey. I don’t want to be quick to dismiss what I once believed to be indisputable and I don’t want to rush to conclusions when learning inconsistencies. Currently I consider myself a cultural or social member of the church and time will bear whether this is even possible with the LDS and whether (through further knowledge gained) I will be forced to return to full belief in the Restored Gospel as it purports to be, or to eventually depart entirely. In my measured approach I have done a lot of research from people from all walks of the Mormon spectrum from firm believers, to intellectual questioners, to ex-members to non-members (to use a Mormon lexicon). I have just recently come across you and your website. I find your website extremely well done. I love the tone and professionalism. It is what I believe a Christ-like person would and should do in discussing their beliefs. You don’t use an accusatory tone, loaded language. From what I have read (I haven’t had the time to read it all!) you cite fair sources in a fair light as fact in an attempt to share truth. Not to tear down and demean. I just want to say ‘well done.’ Regards” — Kimball


“Rich Kelsey, the LDS Church may either be forced to come transparently clean, or become synonymously associated with large deception, because of the great work that is accomplished under your hand.” — Joseph M., Ex-Mormon

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