Robert’s Experience with Demons

Demons That Go Bump in the Night

Demons That Go Bump in the Night:

Robert emailed me (Rich Kelsey) after reading about my experience with demons. Both of us saw little balls of light & we both experienced demons wrestling with us. While it may be normal for most people to go through life without experiencing any demonic activity, Robert & I had the misfortune of being attacked by demons. The following is Robert’s experience used with his permission:

Hello Rich. My name is Robert. I read your article, “Near Death Experience — Rich Kelsey” and was shocked.

I am 39 years old, live in Colorado, and am a senior electrical engineer at a local aerospace company (just for some background). I am happily married and have a 14 mo old son. My father was a Missouri Lutheran pastor who was taken to the Lord at 51 yrs old, and I although struggling a bit in my younger years with my faith, I have become a strong believer in Jesus and the message of salvation found only through Him.

In any case, after reading your article, I felt like I should let you know something. About 4 years ago (before I was married), I began hearing strange noises throughout my house. At first I dismissed them, but they steadily became more and more frequent and intense. One night, about 2am, I awoke to a strong whistling coming from my kitchen downstairs. This was incredibly strange.

That night I asked a Christian friend to come over. We prayed, read scripture, and sang hymns together. After he left I sat at the top of the stairs and began reading the Gospel of Mark out loud. About 5 chapters into it, I heard a loud “BANG” on my ceiling fan in my bedroom. I became unhinged. I went throughout the house yelling at whatever this entity was to leave my house in the name of Jesus. After about 1/2 hour of this, I went to bed.

I remember waking up at about 3 am thinking to myself that this is the first time in over a month that I haven’t been waking up to banging noises throughout the house. I went back to sleep. At about 6 AM I was violently woken up to some unseen, unknown being that began wrestling and tormenting me. It lasted about 2 minutes and completely rocked me!

I won’t go into all the detail here (because I could write a book on everything that has happened), but I will tell you that it happened over and over and over. I sought help from pastors and did receive some. The menacing finally stopped about a month later when I got into two very large fights with this demon and kept repeating the Lord’s prayer. At one point it violently threw me down on the bed and left (for good).

However, there were other demons that stayed to harass me but never physically tormented me like the first one. In the months and years to follow I had so many strange experiences (including seeing orbs of lights at night), that I became less afraid of them and (my wife and I) would pray for protection at night. Every time we did, I was not harassed.

I will tell you this, Rich, one afternoon I was so frustrated that God had allowed this harassment to continue that I decided to try to communicate with this (these) beings. I knew it was a bad move, but did it anyway. Noting happened at that exact time that I could feel. However, something did enter my body. For the next 2+ years (actually up until about 3 months ago) this (these) beings were able to control parts of my body – esp when I was falling asleep. Again, I could write a book on what this was like and all of the amazing/scary things that happened.

About 3 months ago I spent a long time in deep prayer confessing past sins and praying ernestly that God would relieve me from these demons and their harassment. Two days later I came down with terrible stomach flu (which is extremely rare for me). I threw up constantly. Strangely enough, after this episode, they have left my body, my house, and as it would appear, my life. Praise be to God! (times 1,000)

I was greatly blessed to come across your article because I believe that I can sympathize with your struggle to let others know about this. Believe me, I have shared this story with numerous Christians and it has been a sad experience listening to most of them ask me if I have been under an extra amount of stress or if I have been taking prescribed drugs, etc. I guess I’m writing this to (1) write to someone who could at least understand at some level, and (2) thank you for being courageous enough to write what you did.

May God bless you and bless others through your website and your books.

All the best, Rich.


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