Rich Kelsey’s articles on,

■ The LDS Church (Mormons)

■ Jehovah’s Witnesses

■ Seventh-day Adventists


■ The Catholic Church

take a close look into the history and doctrines of these churches so individuals can make informed decisions as to whether becoming or remaining a member in them, is the right choice for them. The articles were also written for those who simply desire to know more about these groups. On this site, there are also informative works on Christian faith and study, including the free online work: Understanding Revelation:


Comments on Rich’s articles:

“Rich’s articles are such a wonderful read, he has done very thorough and impressive research on the LDS church, and its history. It is refreshing to read something that isn’t just angry bitter words which is what most non-Mormon articles seem to be. His article’s present the facts with sound logic behind his statements. As an ex-Mormon, I find myself enjoying his writings, I think it is because his articles come off as a relaxed conversation instead of somebody ranting about the LDS church; it’s a new perspective.” — Jodi, ex-Mormon


“Hi, just wanted to add my thoughts to Jodi’s. I am a Mormon who has been on a journey for 10 years exploring my faith. In it I have come across a lot of information that raises some big questions on how I understood Mormon theology and history.  A lot of people would have left their faith by now and I have chosen to be very deliberative and cautious in my journey.  I don’t want to be quick to dismiss what I once believed to be indisputable and I don’t want to rush to conclusions when learning inconsistencies.  Currently I consider myself a cultural or social member of the church and time will bear whether this is even possible with the LDS and whether (through further knowledge gained) I will be forced to return to full belief in the Restored Gospel as it purports to be, or to eventually depart entirely.

In my measured approach I have done a lot of research from people from all walks of the Mormon spectrum from firm believers, to intellectual questioners, to ex-members to non-members (to use a Mormon lexicon). I have just recently come across you and your website. I find your website extremely well done. I love the tone and professionalism. It is what I believe a Christ-like person would and should do in discussing their beliefs. You don’t use an accusatory tone, loaded language. From what I have read (I haven’t had the time to read it all!) you cite fair sources in a fair light as fact in an attempt to share truth. Not to tear down and demean. I just want to say ‘well done.’ Regards” — Kimball

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