LDS (Mormon) Articles

Joseph Smith Stone In Hat Routine — Rich Kelsey

Joseph Smith on Trial — Rich Kelsey

Book of Mormon Changes — Rich Kelsey

“The Angel Moroni” As a Treasure Guardian … — Rich Kelsey

Nephi or Moroni, or Someone Else? — Rich Kelsey

■ Cognitive Dissonance and the LDS Faith — Rich Kelsey

A Meeting With Two LDS Elders — Rich Kelsey

First Vision of Joseph Smith — Rich Kelsey

Book of Mormon Problems — Rich Kelsey

The Golden Plates of Joseph Smith — Rich Kelsey

Joseph Smith Lied — Rich Kelsey

Book of Mormon Press Conference — Rich Kelsey

Another Testament of Jesus Christ — Rich Kelsey

Book of Moses Changes — Rich Kelsey

Book of Moses Anachronisms — Rich Kelsey

The Priesthood Story of Joseph Smith — Rich Kelsey

Joseph Smith and The Bleeding Ghost — Rich Kelsey

Enchantment, Magic and Money Digging — Rich Kelsey

■ Urim and Thummim of LDS Tradition — Rich Kelsey

Ex-Mormon Comments About Rich Kelsey


Richard Bushman’s Introduction Paper

An Address To All Believers in Christ — David Whitmer

Interview with Martin Harris in Tiffany’s Monthly

Joseph Knight’s Recollection of Early Mormon History

Joseph Smith’s 1826 Trial — LDS Church Statement

Ensign Magazine Seer Stone Quotes

Joseph Smith Money Digging Accounts

Lucy Mack Smith Account of the Golden Plates

Fayette Lapham Dream / Golden Plates Account

Willard Chase Account of Golden Plates

Peter Ingersoll Testimony of Joseph Smith

The Amboy Journal / Mormon History

Early Versions of Joseph Smith’s Bedroom Dream

Joseph Smith’s Changing First Vision Accounts

Joseph Smith’s Handwritten First Vision Account

1826 Glass Looking Trial Testimonies

Appendix: William D. Purple [People v. JS]